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This is just a journal for me to write about different topics I may think about. I guess you could also call them rants, lol.

Need some help

April 14, 2014 11:04PM, 10 comments

Hey guys, so as most of you know, I am a PHP developer. My spring break started Saturday and ends Tuesday. I have 8 days left and I have already reached rock bottom bored, lol.

So I wanna have know if anyone has any good ideas for any kind of like websites or something to make.

If you think of anything or anything, hit me up or reply to this topic!

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New Website

April 05, 2014 12:04PM, 1 comments

I've been working on a new website! I can't say much right now, but the end product will be pretty sweet!

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Today's April Fools!

April 01, 2014 11:04AM, 1 comments

Just remember this meme as you go about your day :)

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Cookies For Gold

March 31, 2014 09:03PM, 0 comments

So yesterday I made a completely random site, lol. It just has a static home page. I was watching someone play Forza 5 and I like how the user interfaced looked so I sorta based it off of that, but it turned into something else. I personally like how it works, but I have no ideas or anything for it, so I probably won't do much with it, but it does look nice.


Cookies for gold is just a name I made up on the fly, lol. It would be hard to make responsive. I think what I could do is replace the colors with pictures and it could be some kind of like news site or something, but I honestly have no idea, lol.

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The Website I made!

March 27, 2014 09:03PM, 3 comments

So some of you may have notice that I haven't posted in a few days other than the update I made that said I've been working on a project. Well, I am finally done!

You can view the site live at twoawesomegamers.tk


For those of you who don't know who the TwoAwesomeGamers are, they are 2 guys who play games, best known for their minecraft lets play, and post them to youtube.

The site took me a really long time to get to this point because of the forums. I made a completely custom forum using only PHP and MySQL. The biggest reason I did the project is because I've been eager to make a 'forum' for a while but have not had a reason yet, so I totally took the opportunity.

The website is 100% responsive, including the forums! It is very hard to find forum software and forum themes that look nice with your website, are inscribe inside your website, AND are responsive. My forum that I made is all 3 :)

The biggest thing that I did was pagination! I have never actually done it before and was a little scared and didn't really know what I was doing, but it actually worked out nice. You can see a snap of the code if you view the first image.

On the forum board, there are categories. Each category has an 'order' number so you can easily change the order the categories appear (for admins). Each board has an order number too. You can create and edit threads and delete threads that are yours. If you are an admin, you can delete and edit any thread. You can also lock and sticky threads. Sticky threads appear at the top of the forum listings. You can also view how many times the thread has been viewed.

Right now there is no BBC but the post does get < pre > so you can press enter and it will create a new line. 

You can also reply to each thread and edit/delete your reply. All threads and posts are never actually deleted, they are just set invisible. I am planning on making it so admin can view deleted posts later on.

Right now I still have to do PMing, notifications, and that is really it. Here are some more pictures of the site:





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Reddit's CSS

March 21, 2014 12:03AM, 4 comments

I simply hate having to edit Reddit's CSS :/ I don't know if I am doing it wrong but the only way I have found to see the code is simply doing -view source-, which is just a big mess of code and hard to tell where anything is at :/

They need to make it easier to make your own CSS code or someone needs to make a site that lets you customize it.

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A Dream Car

March 20, 2014 01:03AM, 0 comments

A dream car of mine to own is a Pagani Zonda R. It's a 6 liter V12 engine with 524 pounds of torque. The car can gets so loud, it breaks twice the legal limit. It can go from 0-100 km/hour in 2.7 seconds.

Only 15 of them were ever produced and it's valued at about 5 million dollars.

Here is a youtube video displaying the sounds of the car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uNw6nTngGA

I think it would be really awesome to drive this car around town and on the highway. It's not street legal, but still. Just the sound and the feeling of reving a car that powerful is just a good feeling. 

I have never seen a Zonda in real life, but it sure would be a cool thing to see. I have seen a Lambo once in a Best Buy parking lot, lol. 

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FortressCraft Evolved!

March 19, 2014 10:03PM, 0 comments

Hey guys, so I just wanted to talk about an AWESOME game called FortressCraft evolved. There may be some of you in the audience whom are saying 'wow wow, hold up, that is just another Minecraft clone!' and I hope that after reading this post, you won't be saying that. I have personally played the game since the first day it came out on Xbox Live Indie Games. The PC version of the game is a complete rewrite of the game! This is no console port.

There are a lot of things that are way about this game, so much that pretty much the only thing they have in common is that they both use blocks to create their environments.

Right now the creator, DjArcas, is working on a survival mode. It is nothing like Minecraft's survival. I would say it is more like tekket. I can't say to much on it because I haven't been able to really play it because I haven't had time to learn how and it's still being developed.


"iron ore smelting to bars automatically feeding along the conveyors to a storage hopper,.feel like i've accomplished something today lol" - Gadgetgaz

The creative is also very cool. There are a lot of features to help you build built into the game. You can copy and paste, create spheres, boxes, and cylinders (hollow or solid) with a click on a button, and more. The feature that really makes FortressCraft distinct from the rest though are detailed blocks. Using something called the workshop, you can literally build a 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, or 8x8 object and shrink it down to the size of 1 block. You can get amazing detail out of them. A user called ButcherBoyToma really has it down. He made the picture at the top of the post and the one directly below.



Something else FortressCraft has that makes it look really good is shadows and colored lighting. The shadows and lighting in the game looks really good!


The developer has said that they got the game running on a 5 year old crappy laptop, so don't worry so much that your PC won't be able to run it. They are very open and active about development too! The creator, DjArcas, tweets constantly about the game and legos.

Right now the game is in Early Access on Steam for a great deal of only $6! They have said that the game will slowly raise in price as they complete and release bigger patches. You can take a look at the game on steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/254200

Useful links:

Oh and btw, you can spawn meteors:


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(Video) Bill Nye's Joy of Discover

March 19, 2014 01:03AM, 0 comments



I personally did not watch the infamous debate between Bill and the other guy but I found this video really cool!

There is a question that troubles us all and that is: where did we come from?

I think this is a great statement. There is evidence from all of time about how people have thought and hypothesised about how humans came about. Some have been disproven, some have survived the tale of time.

This is what gets us to get up and go to work every day.

Bill Nye says this statement with such passion. For you to have a job that you love to do, to live the expression "If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life", just seems to be becoming harder to do. Finding a true passion and being able to live off it is extremely hard to do, but you can do it. A lot of time it seems like if you do something for the love of it and not for any gain at all, you always seem to gain more than when you expect a certain outcome.

I hope you watch and enjoy the video! I know I do. I think it's very inspirational.

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